Wise Women of Oxford follow the signs to compassionate care

Just back from facilitating ‘Can compassionate care be guaranteed?’ seminar with 17 passionate and thoughtful women in Oxford. I am noticing that women are often at the forefront of making deep changes which place compassion at the heart of the caring relationships. I guess this is unsurprising as women are very often the homemakers who embody love and compassion as mothers.

We explored the question:-

What can be done to create and sustain consistently compassionate cultures in care?

….and this was the output from the wise women:-

Take personal responsibility and stop blaming others

Create a less task focused environment

Bring the best out of people

Ask the residents what they would like to see happen

Keep myself healthy

Support team

Listen to each other

Make the vision happen

Stop assuming that people think the way they do

Challenge people’s thinking

Appreciate the little things

Do as you say

Find out about the person behind the resident

Join forces

Explain what you are thanking somebody for

Include families

We worked using the ‘thinking differently’ method which meant the women exchanged undivided attention, explored the transformative question and practiced giving explicit and heart felt appreciation.

My friend and colleague Jackie Hume Richardson should have been there to facilitate, making it a room full of compassionate women but very unfortunately Jackie had a nasty accident yesterday so I had to step in at short notice. Jackie is recovering well so look out for opportunities to meet her at future seminars.

We imagine joining forces with these wise women to bring a more consitently compassionate approach to caring environments in and around Oxford.

We love to receive your comments about compassion or any aspect of care.

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One Response to Wise Women of Oxford follow the signs to compassionate care

  1. Belinda says:

    It is astounding what can happen in half a day! Just over 3 hours in the company of people, most of who I had never met before. These people had one thing in common. An ability to open their hearts and minds and think differently about providing care and support. And, by the end of our time together I felt a new sense of hope that change can happen in Oxfordshire. As an Occupational Therapist I want to be part of this change, so that when I’m helping to plan someone’s discharge from hospital, I can feel positive about having the conversation which suggests the transistion from being totally independent, to requiring a care package or residential setting.
    This conversation is always heart-breaking, even if the person is in agreement and ready.
    It is heart-breaking because there seem to be no guarantees out there in the world of ‘care’ that you will meet someone who genuinely, let alone passionately, caring. And this would not be ok for me or anyone that I love passionately….for a day….let alone a month.
    I look forward to being part of a conversation which is only just starting, and that soon I will hear news of more Compassionate Care events all over this beautiful county.
    Thank you to all the Wise Women! Belinda. x

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